How To Write An Irresistible Love-Hate Romance

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It’s no secret that romance novels are some of the fastest selling novels on the market. Readers love, well, a good love story.

What’s even better is the love-hate story!

Why? Because love-hate romance novels offer readers the most in depth game of cat and mouse possible.

Readers want to see two characters fall in love at the end of the novel, but they don’t want to read about a slow paced, perfect romance.

How boring would that be?

Instead, readers want to follow your characters through all of their ups and downs and watch them fall in love despite their best efforts not to do so.

Are you ready to learn how to write an irresistible love-hate romance that you can weave into any genre you write?

Great! Let’s begin.

Make Love Easy At First

When you are trying to write a love-hate romance plot, you don’t always have to start with a rocky relationship. Some of the best love-hate relationships start out as smooth and easy as can be before suddenly taking a turn for the worst.

The smoother and easier the beginning of your characters’ relationship is, the bigger the impact the turbulence will have when things get a little more difficult.

Creating a smooth entry point into the relationship will also give your characters something to cling to as they fight through the hardships. You can reference this through your characters’ thoughts and dialogue as they try to figure out how to revert their relationship back to when things were so easy between them.

Make Falling In Love Seem Impossible

On the flip side of making love easy, you can make love seem impossible. These are the stories where two people absolutely hate each other and vow to never get together, even though we all know they will by the end of the book.

One of the strengths of doing this is that it proves to your readers and your characters just how strong their love is. Imagine what it would take to completely flip the way you feel about someone you hate.

Feels impossible, right?

If you are able to completely flip the way your characters feel about each other in a believable way by the end of your book, then you’ve written one hell of a powerful romance plot!

Make The Sexual Desires Irresistible

If you are going to write a romance novel about two character that hate each other, then you are going to need to give those two characters a reason to be together.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to turn their hatred into a steamy passion where they lust for each other’s physical characteristics despite their better judgement.

This will turn the heat up for your readers as well as your characters!

You can use these moments of pure desire and lust to offset the ups and downs of their rocky relationship, thus creating the love-hate dynamic between them.

You can read about how to increase sexual tension here: 10 Easy Ways To Increase Sexual Tension And Sell More Romance Books.

Write Characters That Always Try To Pull Them Apart

Another way to stir up the hate side of your characters’ relationship is to write other characters that try to come between them. These types of characters are usually the parents of one of the lovers that doesn’t approve of the relationship.

These characters wedge themselves between the lovers and often lie to one or both of them in an attempt to make them hate each other. The key to successfully pulling this off is to make the lie believable and to have your two lover characters fall for it.

The two characters don’t need to react to the lie right away or even at all in front of each other. You can have the lie be a secret one of the characters keeps to themselves and uses to react in out of character ways to proceeding events.

For instance, let’s say Mark’s mother tells his girlfriend Jane that Mark is only using her for sex and is currently seeing someone else that he actually loves. Jane doesn’t need to actually confront Mark about this.

Instead, you could have Jane get overly upset at Mark when he shows up late to their next date because Jane thinks he was spending time with someone else.

Mark would be completely confused by her misplaced anger and would only see Jane as becoming someone different than who he thought she was.

If you continue to volley this misplaced anger and lack of communication between your two characters throughout your book, you will be able to write epic highs and lows for their romance and create an irresistible love-hate relationship between them.

Let Them Fight

The stronger you make the hatred between your characters, the stronger you can make their love for each other. It’s the extreme shift from one emotion to the other that creates an irresistible love-hate relationship.

One of the best ways to increase how much your characters hate each other is to have them fight constantly. Now, this doesn’t mean that they physically hit or hurt each other. For most readers, myself included, this is a line drawn in the sand that can never be crossed.

Instead, have your characters get into verbal fights and shouting matches. If you want to increase the physical element without them actually hurting each other, then have one of the characters throw something across the room or punch a wall.

The important thing to remember is to know when enough is enough. This is a balancing act that will require you to experiment in order to get it right. If you take the fighting too far, you might just lose your readers for good.

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